Tuesday, April 30, 2013

March Herf

Gurkha Assassin seemed a lot closer to medium to me than others have described, but it was still a great smoke that had a smooth and creamy taste all the way to the nub.

The March Herf featured the Alec Bradley Maxx Brazil.  I've had the Maxx before and wasn't impressed.  The addition of a Brazillian binder didn't improve it at all.  

For the April Herf, Green brought out the Puros Indios.  I've been wanting to try this one for a while.  It was a good, mild to medium smoke.  The flavor won't bowl you over, but it was still good.  

Another I've been wanting to try lately is the Padilla Dominus.  I've been hearing a lot about this one for while.  It isn't as good as the '68 or '32 (and pales against the Miami).  But it's still a decent smoke.

Drew Estate's Liga Privada's No. 9 started off pretty heavy but mellowed out to a medium to full flavor.  Not a complex cigar.  Just a good, meaty smoke with just a little shove behind it.

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