Sunday, February 10, 2013

January and February Herf

I haven't been smoking as much since the new year and few new cigars. That said, here's the new stuff.

AKA (American Kick Ass) Solace came from Frank at the Commie Herf.  It was a simple, mellow connecticut.  Not a barn-burner but not bad, either.

For the January Herf, Jarred brought the excellent Excalibur Dark Knight from Hoya De Monterrey.  It was a great medium/full smoke with beautiful, dark wrapper.  The taste was smooth with a slightly sweet flavor that picked up just a little flavor from the cedar it was wrapped in.  One of the top smokes we've had since I've been a regular herfer.  Great choice, Jarred!

Had the Padilla Miami Maduro recently.  The original Miami was fantastic.  The maduro was good but I probably would have liked it more if I hadn't been thinking that I could have had the original instead.  It started off a little harsh but mellowed into a nice, smooth smoke after the first inch or so.  I wouldn't turn up my nose if someone offered it to me, but I doubt I'll buy another.

For the Feb herf, Koob brought the Gurkha Ghost.  This beuaty came with a dark, oily wrapper that gave off a great, medium-bodied smoke.  Earthy, with a slight sweetness to it but smooth from start to finish.  Another damn fine herf cigar.

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