Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Herf

The October Herf (take two) happened over the weekend.  Bongwater dropped the Padron Maduro 3000 on us.  I've had this one before (but neglected to write it up) and was not disappointed when I saw him whip these out.  They have a great, earthy and nutty flavor that ended up being a finger-burner at the herf.

Black Crown.  Another fine smoke from Raices Cubanas (maker of the Padilla Signature 1932 I gushed about recently).  A dark, slightly-oily wrapper and a whopping 7 different fillers makes this a very interesting smoke.  Lots of flavors (slightly nutty, a little woody, and a touch of sweetness are the stand-outs) that start off a bit on the medium side but build up to a very full flavor by the halfway point.  It burned slow and lasted a lot longer than most of the robustos I smoke.  And they're priced well at around $4 a stick.  A definite finger-burner.

Gran Habano Vintage 2002.  Another great smoke from Gran Habano.  A gorgeous, dark and oily wrapper with loads of flavor, including some earthiness, a little nuttiness, and a very light sweetness.  A very good cigar.

Gran Habano 3 Siglos (or 3 SLS). The Old Man seemed to like these, so I split an order with another of the herfers.  Unfortunately, the two I've had so far have both been awful with a terrible draw, very little smoke, and seemed way too fresh (even after a month in the humidor).  What little flavor I've gotten makes it seem quite promising and since every other Gran Habano I've smoked has been excellent, I can only conclude I got a bad batch.  Hopefully at least one of the remaining few I have left will end up working out.

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